All Smiles

There is something absolutely magical about waking Morgan up.  It may change as time goes on, but I have never seen a baby who is happier to be woken up.  Her eyes come open and she immediately starts smiling, which is, if possible, even cuter if she somehow manages to keep her pacifier in all night, because her eyes light up in a smile while her gums grip the pacifier like Popeye’s pipe.

Sure, if it’s time to eat, those smiles can turn into frowns and fussiness pretty quickly, but even if she’s slept all night, she always has at least one smile for mommy and/or daddy when she first wakes up, as if she knows that we would never let her go hungry, so even if her tummy is rumbly, she wants us to know how much she loves us before she tells us that she’s hungry.  There is nothing in the world like those smiles.

I never new just how much my heart could melt until I saw her smile at me.  Nothing compares to the abject joy her face expresses.  That’s all I’ve got for you today, just a little bit of sappiness.Image