Socket Bonuses and Babies

MMORPG gamers (and lovers of Diablo-style games) are, I’m sure, familiar with sockettable items and the interesting little juggling match that comes with figuring out where a generic socket item is going to give the best benefit.  Should you buff damage output or a specific damage type, or should you buff armor, specific avoidances, or another stat entirely?  Even simple games like Torchlight make sure that your sockettable items give you at least two options, making you think long and hard about where they’re going to go.

I’ve already lost most of you, haven’t I?  The point is, RPGs like to give you items that provide very different benefits depending on where you use them.  So how on earth does that relate to babies?

As I’m slowly learning, there are different bonuses for different ways of holding Morgan.  Laying on the lap is good for play and feeding; cradled in my arms gives me a +10 fussiness debuff; holding her with her butt in one hand and her head in the other hand gives me a bonus against gassy fussiness and a playtime buff; and holding her over my shoulder while patting her back and walking around gives a huge buff to calming and a moderate buff to sleepy baby.  It’s all about knowing where to “socket” her.

If you’re wondering, Jen has general socket bonuses to calming and sleep across the board – no debuffs for cradling when mommy does it, and plenty of play and calming buffs for any position where she can see Morgan’s eyes.

It makes sense that mommy’s socket bonuses are better…after all, she had to undertake a much harder quest than dad did.  

Thank goodness that babies, unlike sockettable items, can be resocketted at will until an agreeable location is found, eh?