Reflecting on Christmas with a baby


I hope that everyone had a happy Christmas spent with the people they love most.  We had a very low-key holiday this year, which was absolutely perfect.  There will be plenty of time in years to come for Morgan to have the excitement and wonder we all remember from our own childhoods – this year was all about enjoying the calm and quiet joy of family.

I admit, I’m already looking forward to those years that Morgan will run shouting and laughing into our room as early as her little body can get out of bed, but just fawning on her while enjoying time with family this year was wonderful.

No matter what your beliefs are, I hope that this holiday season has been kind to you and your family, and that the value of your family was always first on your mind this year.


Baby’s First Christmas

All our love to you and yours!

All our love to you and yours!

We had our first Christmas get-together of Morgan’s life last night, getting together with my side of the family.  This was Morgan’s first time meeting her aunt and one of her cousins (my niece), as they were both sick when she was born.  Her uncle and my nephew both came by the hospital the day she was born.

The family gathering went off smooth as butter.  She ate right as we got there and was contentedly asleep for most of the time we were there.  She was just starting to get fussy as we left.

My nephew absolutely melted our hearts with how sweet he was to Morgan.  As my young stepbrother continually tried to get him to leave the family to go play, he would say things like, “But, the baby is here!

Toward the end of the evening, as we were packing Morgan up, a disappointed nephew said that he had hoped to hold her, too.  He had been so sweet all evening, and Jen had said that he could hold her a little earlier in the evening – how could we say no?  Back out of the carrier came Morgan and into her cousin’s arms she went, giving us one of the sweetest holiday pictures ever.

My nephew doting on his beautiful new cousin.

My nephew doting on his beautiful new cousin.

Morgan is a very lucky girl.  She has an extended family that loves her almost as much as Jen and I do.  She may not have any memories of this first Christmas, but I’m proud of the memories that we made and are still making to one day share with her.