A Peek Behind The Editorial Curtain

In my last blog post I made a cheap joke about Oxytocin, meaning to convey that the sense of bliss it imparts was part of what helped even the most anti-child women become loving mothers, but my most important reader pointed out to me that the cheap joke’s tone came across far more serious than I had intended, and rather than jokingly implying that the sense of euphoria caused by the release of Oxytocin helps bad moms become good moms, it more closely implied that all mothers and babies get high off each other and that was the only reason they had a good bond.  Far from being a joke, what I appeared to be saying was, quite understandably, seriously offensive.  More importantly, it was offensive when I had no intention of it being offensive.

I have occasionally written inflammatory statements in the past (not yet on this blog), but the important thing about any inflammatory statement I write is that I intend to be offensive when I write it.  I have even occasionally told offensive and off-color jokes, but, again, the important thing is that I expect the possibility of my listener either laughing or being offended.  If I tell a (lame) joke that I consider to be largely harmless and find out that, in actuality, it could be taken as broadly denigrating the bond every single mother shares with her children, well, that’s a problem.

As a result, I changed the wording of the offending paragraph last night.  I realize that this is just a blog, and I realize that I may never have a wide readership, but I am still a writer, and I still want to strive for excellence in my writing.  The editorial process is an important part of the writing process, and, just as I would want to go back and remove typos or factual errors pointed out to me, I want to remove or rework statements that just don’t work in their present form.

I doubt I will generally point out edits that I make, as (I hope) they will usually only consist of minor corrections and formatting adjustments, but this was a big enough change that I wanted to draw attention to it and say mea culpa.  If you read yesterday’s post before last night’s edit and found it to be offensive, I want to apologize for my careless wording.  I conveyed a message that I absolutely did not intend to say, and I am truly sorry for any and all offense I caused.