I’m Tim, one of many geek dads in the world.  I enjoy tabletop gaming and have been a gamer since long before that was the norm.  I’m not a comic über-nerd, but I definitely get my geek on collecting comics, and there’s nothing I love more than a good book.

My wife, Jen, gave birth to our daughter, Morgan, on November 17, 2012, which, as of the opening of this blog, means I’ve been a dad for a month and a day.  I’m sure I won’t have many chances to really geek her up for a few years, but I can’t wait until we can start sharing some of my hobbies and really geeking out over the amazing things imagination can do.  I can’t wait til the first time we get to play D&D, Mouseguard, or some other pen & paper RPG.

While Morgan grows up, I’ll likely be sharing thoughts on all sorts of things, especially my dad’s-eye view of issues that I normally only hear women discuss, and I may not always share posts that are specifically related to parenting, though I intend that to be my primary focus.

That said, welcome, and I hope you find something here you enjoy!


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