Saturday marked the first time that I took care of Morgan solo for more than about 30 minutes.  She has been going through a very clingy phase lately where she was really only content with Jen as she started to get tired, so I was nervous, to say the least.  When I say clingy, perhaps I should rephrase to say that she would cry in my arms until she fell asleep, then wake up just to see if I was Jen and start crying again.  Needless to say, I wasn’t in the most confident of moods going into this several-hour solo mission.

Fortunately, she was as perfect as I could have ever asked.  She fussed a little bit when she got tired, but calmed down quickly and went right to sleep.  During her awake-and-not-tired times, we played and she laughed and smiled (just like always).  I definitely feel much better going forward.

I’ll be honest: going into this, I felt like I was a level 30 about to solo a 12-man endgame raid.  I was afraid Jen would get back from her outing and find us both curled up in the fetal position and crying.  

I’m hoping this means that Morgan is coming out of her ultra-clingy phase, and not just that she didn’t see mommy anywhere and figured she may as well not fuss while daddy held her.  Either way, it’s nice that my solo instance took a cue from a popular MMORPG and scaled its difficulty for me.