Epic 80s Training Montage

For a couple of weeks now, one of Morgan’s favorite things to do when she isn’t tired or hungry has been to stand (with mommy or daddy supporting her, obviously) in our laps.  Her eyes get wide, her mouth gapes in a massive smile, and she usually starts laughing or babbling.  Despite not having much balance yet, she actually does a good job of supporting her weight on her own legs, too, which surprised me at first.  I guess I didn’t expect a 2-month old to have the strength OR the balance.

Recently, Morgan has progressed from just being held up by us, to trying to pull herself up either to fully standing or to sitting up by holding on to our hands, which she does phenomenally well, with the adorable end-position of having one of our fingers, her hand, or both stuck in her wide-open mouth (wide open because she smiles hugely while pulling herself up).


She likes playing with mommy while sitting in her Bumbo seat, and it is no exception to the pull-up rule.  She can hold herself up pretty well with no help, but if we let her grab our hands, she pulls up to them and gapes open her mouth.  

She isn’t crawling yet, but with her arms and legs doing such a good job supporting her weight, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time! As the title says, it feels like we’re living in Morgan’s training montage right now, watching her get a little bit better every time she tries something.  It’s amazing, and it has me thinking I need to get a stair gate installed sooner rather than later!



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